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About Us

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A non-profit based in Okoboji, Iowa, The Spirit of Okoboji embodies the mission of making lives better by creating and fostering opportunities the Okoboji area offers to residents and visitors.


Spirit of Okoboji was founded by Tim and Joren Kinnetz in 2017, shortly after Tim’s initial successful transaction of GrapeTree Medical Staffing, a company he founded in 1999 and one of the area’s leading employers. Following that transaction, the Spirit of Okoboji non-profit became the focal point of The Kinnetz Family's philanthropic efforts.

The Organization funds, supports and operates 4 Endeavors in the

Okoboji area along with a team of dedicated and tireless volunteers.

Our Mission

Our Team

Founder & Chairman:  Tim Kinnetz

Founder:  Joren Kinnetz

Board Member:  Mary Skopec

Interim CEO:  Rich Heruska

Director of Development:  Drew Hage





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Our Values

Get It Done

Work with the resourcefulness and drive of an entrepreneur.


Give Generously

Of your time, talents, your heart.


Bring Your Gifts

It takes all types of skills and talents to achieve big things.


Share the Passion

Love Okoboji so much you can’t help but to tell the world.


Exercise Empathy

For our community, our partners and each other.


Be Collaborative

We work together to solve problems and move our community forward.

Our Logo

The symbol of a star has always been associated with awe and wonder. A person only has to stare up into a clear night’s sky to experience the total realization of inner peace and absolute insignificance all at the same time.


This premise is why we chose a spirit star as our symbol for the Spirit of Okoboji endeavor - it is a balance of our inner spirit and the world around us.


This further connects our visions and the community in which surrounds us at the lakes.


The primary colors of blue and yellow were chosen to depict the logomark as representative of water and the sun - two elements most often associated with summertime in the Okoboji area.

Spirit star FINAL.png

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