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Our Endeavors

The Organization funds, supports and operates 5 Endeavors in the

Okoboji Region along with a team of dedicated and tireless volunteers.

Our Mission
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The Abbie Gardner Cabin Historic Site is one of Iowa’s inaugural tourist attractions. It is where the Spirit Lake Massacre took place in 1857 and where the story of a 13-year-old Abbie Gardner comes to life. Her family was killed during the violence in 1857 and she was taken captive by Inkpaduta’s Native American band. The family log cabin is a state historical site and is visited by thousands of tourists and school children each year. Over the years, the site has deteriorated, and Friends of the Abbie Gardner Cabin Historic Site was created to preserve and enhance this historic treasure.


Okoboji Music Masters entertains audiences with exceptional musicians dedicated to delivering quality fun performances. The group provides an outlet for local talent of all ages – both vocalists and instrumentalists – to come together for the summer season and perform at local venues.

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The OkoboTree Endeavor is an effort to extend the longevity and beauty of trees in the Iowa Great Lakes through visual art preservation. The project identifies expired trees in the area with local partners, then secures donors and contracts with artists to sculpt those trees into natural art that can be publicly viewed for years to come. The goal is to have a variety of sculptures that depict nature and the history of the area throughout the lakes area for both residents and tourists to enjoy.  

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Our Mission
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Lakes Area Museum Alliance (LAMA) is a coalition of 13 local museums who collaborate to increase the visibility and attendance at all Dickinson County Museums, educate the public on the history of the area, and thereby help to not only ensure the sustainability of historical preservation but also to enhance Okoboji area tourism. 

Our Mission
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The Okoboji Glacier

The Okoboji Glacier is envisioned as a premier multi-sport recreation, events, and entertainment facility. Currently, the Glacier is in the stages of receiving community feedback. This future facility aims to offer a vibrant atmosphere for sports clubs, event organizers, and participants, fostering a strong sense of community and engagement.

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